Finished projects




Zoë and Milo

ZOE and MILO, a girl and a boy, both 10-year-old and best friends in life, use to spend their free time in a secret place where Alim is living, a funny and unexpected hamster who speaks and knows a lot. Alim has built a unique plane he calls home and that he can also fly. Alim loves to travel, he always finds a good reason for proving to Zoé and Milo how rich and amazing the world is. And it is always for our heroes the occasion to solve a question, a problem they meet. Thanks to a connected planisphere located inside the plane, Zoe and Milo join the corresponding friends of Alim who welcome them in each of the countries where they go.



Hip-Hop Dreams

In the year 1986 Dutch filmmaker and music­ journalist Bram van Splunteren captured the burgeoning New York hip hop scene in a 40 minute documentary, that in recent years has acquired a legendary status.

30 years later we return to New York, with the 1986 film under our arm, like an old painting, to record what has changed in the New York hip-hop scene, and in the city itself, it’s boroughs and streets.

With the same analytical and respectful eye and music-loving ear, we will meet the hip-hop coming from New York today. Can the city still lay claim to the title of the hip-hop capital of the world, as Time Out magazine did in 2013? Or have other cities, like Atlanta, taken over the #1 spot from New York?

In development

Live-action + animation



Krostos, Dom Dom and Brack were drawn for the very first time in 1205 AD, by a monk who had created a very special kind of ink. They were part of an apocryphal manuscript, listing, in great detail, all of the perpetrators of Evil.  A true encyclopedia of dark wizardry and pernicious agitation.

Ever since that first drawing in 1205, the Krostons have tried to find a way out of the manuscript and into the real world.

Always in vain, until now…



We Are The Night

Valéry wakes up.  He goes to a bar, his path crosses that of two police officers, who discuss the multiple coincidences between the deaths of Abraham Lincoln and JFK.

When leaving the tram, Lorenzo sees the police patrol and does everything not to be noticed. He walks briskly towards the building where Malika, a young girl, is consigned by her mother. The young girl discreetly calls Pierre and tells him that she will be late.

Across the street, a woman is getting dressed to go out. Her husband is not fooled, he knows that she is seeing a man, and he does not want to let this go .

It is 8 p.m. in Lyon, it is going to be a long night …

Strange Creatures

Unicorns, yetis, basilisks, the Loch Ness Monster – they’re the stuff of legend.

But there’s truth behind the stories…

When their parents disappear, teenagers, Athena and Valiant Twist inherit a mission that has been passed down in their family for generations.

The story dates to Victorian London when Sir Walter Oak-Leaf and his butler Jonas became trapped in time…